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Meet Audrey PicAudrey was born to move. She started dance and swimming at age 6, gymnastics at age 8, and continued competing through college. She was a competitive road cyclist through college and grad school. Since Audrey moved to Park City, skiing has become her favorite sport! Competition is where you lay it all on the line, push your limits, and see what you’ve really got.

Focused on reaching her highest potential, she majored in exercise sport science. Theory came to life in the lab, finding new ways to improve performance. She has her PhD in exercise sport science from the University of Innsbruck, Austria and a Master’s Degree in nutrition from the University of Utah. Audrey is also a Master Trainer for the In-Trinity training program and the Sport Nutrition coach for SUP Examiner.

Audrey teaches athletes how to balance nutrition and training to reach one’s highest potential! Audrey leads by example as a skier, SUP racer, and yogi. She uses the latest in sport nutrition and training research to achieve best performance for herself and her athletes. Audrey educates and inspires others to reach their goals by becoming in tune with body cues to optimize fueling and training.

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