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I am a lifetime athlete who has competed in various sports since my teenage years. I have generally done well in my athletic endeavors with cycling being my weakest sport. I have competed under many different coaches over the years and typically they have had a one size fits all coaching style. Sometimes my performance was improved, other times I thought I could do better on my own. After becoming injured as a result of my military service, I was unsure of what my results would be. Audrey has been a phenomenal cycling coach and has produced results beyond my expectations. Her coaching style of making sophisticated concepts easily understandable, creating tough but achievable goals, and balancing encouragement and accountability is truly unique. Audrey brings not only her expertise in cycling, but her vast knowledge in sports nutrition which resulted in me getting significantly lighter and becoming much faster. What Audrey does is she becomes your partner in reaching your potential. She was truly invested in my success and I would enthusiastically recommend her for anyone who is looking to take themselves to new levels of performance.
– Andrew A Gonzales


My husband and I first began working with Audrey ago to combat the weight gain that came after age 35. We are both amateur but dedicated mountain bike racers, and the extra pounds were no doubt slowing us down. I also felt sluggish and lacked concentration after meals. We knew it was our nutrition, and we had some ideas of how to change it, but try as we might, we kept falling into the same “quick and easy” high-carb, high-fat standbys when it came time to eat.

Audrey is keen on finding what works for each individual. The method that works for me is tracking everything I eat and drink, the type and intensity of my workouts, and my hunger and energy levels throughout the day. I spend about 15 minutes per day doing this – a small price to pay for having lost 10 pounds and elevating my energy and concentration levels, all without being hungry or feeling deprived!  Audrey provides weekly (or more if needed) feedback on what I eat and how that causes the result I am experiencing (energy level, weight loss, etc). From that, we formulate achievable weekly goals, through which I am learning to make the lifelong changes necessary to stay fit. By working with Audrey, my nutrition has changed into a very well-balanced mix of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fat. The remarkable thing about this is that never in a million years would I have dreamed I would LIKE eating this way. Through her cooking tips and recipe suggestions based on foods that my husband and I both like, we have found a new delicious healthy norm that doesn’t cost any more or take any more time than our old food to prepare. Audrey has helped us find the common ground to support each other in our individual fitness and weight loss goals.
-Lucy Jordan


As an integral core member of the coaching and support staff, Audrey creates and customizes the nutrition program that we use at Team Roger C. Peace training camps and competitive events. Utilizing her holistic philosophies, she designs and prepares our menus with the dual focus of improving performance and aiding recovery. She shares that information in a passionate way that our athletes can understand and assimilate into their own training programs. She exemplifies the health and fitness that can be developed by proper nutritional choices, and encourages exploration and growth in others through her compassion and wisdom. Her value to our team is immeasurable, unless, of course, you count the numerous national and world championships that her athletes have garnered.
Jerry Page, Manager, Team Roger C. Peace


Audrey I want to thank you for enriching my life and all the lives of so many you have touched around the world. You are a living example of what you believe and teach. You constantly inspire and motivate me to be the best I can be, not just how I train and eat, most importantly you inspire me as a human being.
Johnny G., Creator of Spinning®/Kranking®/IN-TRINITY®

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