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Push Your Limits

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Striving for best performance means pushing your limits. You will never know how far you can go unless you push yourself. This is how you reach your highest potential. This may sound intense, but it is really not. Think about this, in order to make any physical improvement, you have to challenge yourself. Challenge can be small or huge. It can be getting one more rep in on your chest press or it could be hucking a cliff you’ve never hit before.

Pushing yourself to reach your highest potential is physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Step outside of your comfort zone and into the incredible realm of possibilities. You have to be completely in tune, in the present moment, and take action. You may have never hit that cliff, but you’ve hit others. You scoped out the area. You see your line, your takeoff, and your landing. It looks good. You feel amazing. Your training and nutrition are dialed in. You feel yourself, see yourself launching, flying, landing, and stomping it! Strive to be your best and push your limits!

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Train For Life

FireflyWhat is your dream? My dream was to be a pro athlete, to give my all to be my best. I loved being a scholar athlete. My job was to get top grades and perform my best. My goal was to do better than I did before, to learn new tricks, to go faster, pop higher, open and reach further. I’d get lost in the moment, completely connected body and mind, in tune with my breath and my routine. My goal was not only to medal, but also continually improve.

I didn’t have the opportunity to go after my goal and become a professional athlete. I no longer train to race or medal in gymnastics, cycling or triathlon. Now I train for life! As a performance coach and sport nutrition coach, I know that actions speak louder than words. Everything that I teach my athletes I apply in my own life. I lead by example.

Periodized training and nutrition are my life. I focus on endurance, strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. My training includes skiing, lifting, running, hiking, SUP, and yoga. I do Instagram yoga challenges that get out of my comfort zone and push my limits while staying calm and connected to my breath. I prep my balanced meals and snacks every day to fuel and train to shred.

I am sharing my life with all of you, to show you how I take exercise sport science and sport nutrition and apply it to the goal I am striving for – to be my best. This site and this program are for you. I want Power To Shred to be interactive so that I can help more people. Reach out. Ask questions. Make comments. Tell me what you need. I am happy to help. “If you want something, go get it period.” Go get it peeps!!

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Shred The Gnar

All you shred heads and shreddy Roosevelts are dreaming of pow, the perfect line, steeps and deep, and… and… and… It’s super fun out with your homies, playing in the snow and pushing each other to go harder. Get outside, breathe in the air, find your rhythm, and get after it. Crush it. Stomp it. The mountains are calling and I must go.

We’re all counting down for the season to start. In late summer start ramping up your training. Get super strong and fit, powerful and poised, flexible and focused. Add in some yoga to help you find your balance. Push your limits so you can shred the gnar. Can’t wait for the season to start and to help you fuel and train to shred!! Much love xox

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