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Peak Performance

PTS_BlogPushLimitsIMG01An athlete’s goal is to achieve peak performance. Optimal training and nutrition are key factors in improving performance, along with sport psychology. If you want to reach your peak, you have to train to hit your peak. Find you balance with periodized training focusing on strength, power, endurance, flexibility, and balance. This is year-round training purposefully designed for you to have peak performance when it’s time to shred.

Training includes balanced meals and snacks for before, during, and after your training. Your fueling is also carefully planned to adjust for high-training days or competition, moderate training days, low training days, and recovery along with hydration. Your training also includes sport psychology which hones in on your talent, your potential, improves self-confidence, and determination. You are also prepared with awesome stress management skills and relaxation techniques for when things get gnarly.

Does this sound like a lot of stuff to be focusing on? It is! This is the incredible field of sport science, sport nutrition, and sport psychology! Everything that can help you improve your performance has been studied. As new techniques come out, they are studied. This field is cutting edge because professional athletes are always looking for new ways to improve their performance. This is why I went into this field, because I am fascinated by the idea of peak performance, of doing your best and being your best. This is also why I created Power To Shred. I spent years studying sport science and sport nutrition theory in books, in the lab, and in the gym, on my bike, and running. These types of training are fairly easy to control. I then experimented with all the tried and true techniques that I use with my athletes on myself out in the mountains. It works and I want to share everything I know with you!! Power to Shred baby!!

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