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Balanced training is essential for best performance!


PTS_TTS_IMG01Use different training techniques to target strength, power, endurance, coordination, flexibility, and balance.

When you are ready to take your performance to a higher level, working with a coach will help you use your time more efficiently and focus your energy to achieve your goals. All personal training and coaching plans are custom designed to meet your individual needs. All plans are goal and performance based tailored to the progress of the athlete.

Personal Training Services

One-on-one Personal Training: $80 per hour
After assessing your health history, lifestyle, fitness level, and fitness goals, we design a personalized program to meet your individual needs. Each cutting edge training session includes endurance, strength, and flexibility training to make you stronger, look better, and feel great!

Small Group Training (2-3 people): $40/person per hour
Choose from yoga, pilates, hiking, biking, trail running, strength training, and functional fitness. Let’s work together to create a program that best suits the needs of your group.

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